Poloniex offers institutions large and small access to a large curated selection of crypto asset trading pairs, dedicated customer support, robust API services and more. Our new streamlined account opening process allows institutions to easily onboard to the Poloniex exchange and Circle Trade OTC desk as well as get started purchasing USD Coin (USDC). Please visit circletrade.com/institutions/basic to get started.

Why would I want to open a Poloniex institutional account rather than an individual account?

Institutional Poloniex accounts are required for any accounts being opened on behalf of non-individuals. Poloniex institutional accounts offer higher withdrawal limits and professional customer support from a dedicated team of Account Managers in our Client Services department. Our highly trained team will guide each institutional customer through the onboarding process, coordinate issue resolution across multiple teams and support ongoing trading activities.

What are the steps for opening a Poloniex institutional account?

Please visit circletrade.com/institutions/basic to start the onboarding process. Do not hesitate to email us at poloniex@circle.com with questions or if you require assistance.

What documentation is required to open a Poloniex institutional account?

Below are the key documents required to open a Poloniex institutional account:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation; Articles of Org or any other applicable charter docs

  2. Document confirming proof of address for the business

    1. Please note that Registered agent addresses and P.O boxes are not allowed

  3. Copy of local IDs or passport for each person authorized to trade

  4. Details of directors and ultimate beneficial ownership amongst other documentation

Additional documentation and information may be required based on the type of institution being onboarded. 

Will my institution be able to trade with the Circle Trade OTC desk and purchase USDC once I complete the onboarding process? 
Yes. We are delighted to offer a streamlined account opening process that allows institutions to easily initiate onboarding to our Poloniex exchange and Circle Trade OTC desk as well as get started purchasing USD Coin (USDC) from a single online form. Please note that additional information may be required to finalize your onboarding depending on the products you select. Please visit circletrade.com/institutions/basic to get started.

Does an institutional Poloniex account come with higher withdrawal limits than an Individual account?

Yes. After onboarding is complete, we will work with your team to identify the appropriate withdrawal limit. Depending upon the requested withdrawal limit, additional documentation and/or information may be required. 

What kind of customer support is offered for Poloniex institutions?  

Institutions seeking to do business with Poloniex will be supported by a dedicated team of account managers in our Client Services department. These highly trained team members will guide each institution through the process, coordinate issue resolution across multiple teams and support on-going activities. Institutions will engage with our account managers via a unique email address, and as needed, can be supported by scheduled phone calls as well.

Does Poloniex offer institutional customers API access? What APIs are available?

Yes, all institutions have API access. For more information, please visit poloniex.com/support/api.

Does Poloniex offer sub-account management?

No. This is high on our roadmap but unavailable at this time. We do offer other alternatives to allow multiple users to access an institutional account. Our team can walk you through those options.  

Are any additional security features offered to Poloniex institutional customers?

Yes. We offer our institutional customers the ability to add a whitelisting security feature to their account. Once active, funds can only be withdrawn to whitelisted addresses that you designate via a direct connection with your Poloniex account manager.

What US states and countries are not supported for Poloniex institutional accounts?

The following is a list of key countries and US states where Poloniex institutional accounts are not available:


  • Cuba

  • Iran

  • Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North Korea)

  • Sudan

  • Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)

  • Ivory Coast

  • Congo

  • Iraq

  • Myanmar

  • Crimea Region of Ukraine

US States

  • New York (NY)

  • Washington (WA)

To get started opening a Poloniex institutional account, please visit circletrade.com/institutions/basic now!