How long will the maintenance take?

We expect the maintenance to take several hours and will provide progress updates on Twitter.

Why are you conducting this maintenance?

We’re using this downtime to improve Poloniex in two key ways: 

  1. Migrating to better data centers to improve reliability and uptime

  2. Modernizing our platform so we can deliver the best possible trading experience

Will my funds be safe?

Yes! We have already upgraded our wallets and custody infrastructure, so it will not be affected by this maintenance.

Should I move my funds off of Poloniex?

Your funds will be safe during maintenance. However, you will not be able to access them during the downtime. 

What is “post-only” mode?

During “post-only” mode, orders that would fill will be rejected. In other words, buy orders at or above the lowest ask and sell orders at or below the lowest bid will not be accepted. If you submit an order that would fill, you will get an error message. The goal of “post-only” mode is to allow the order books to refill before we reopen trading so that we can avoid dramatic price swings. 

What will happen to open orders?

We do not plan to cancel open orders. During post-only mode, you will be able to cancel your open orders before trading resumes. If specific markets experience major price movements, we may cancel open orders in that market. If we decide to do so, we will notify customers via Twitter and in-app announcements.

What will happen to deposits initiated during planned maintenance?

Any deposits that were pending before and deposits that arrive during the scheduled maintenance will be processed soon after the site comes out of maintenance mode.

What will happen to my open margin positions?

Open margin positions will not be affected during this upgrade. They will remain open. After the site is back online, we will open markets in post-only mode. After the order books have refilled, we will reopen trading. After prices have stabilized, we will resume margin calls, and will then begin automated liquidations for accounts breaching maintenance margin requirements a short while after margin calls have resumed.

What will happen to my open loans and loan offers?

Open loans and loan offers will not be affected by this upgrade. They will remain open. However, the ability to create new loans will be suspended.

Do I need to do anything?

No, you do not need to do anything at this time.